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Thread: How to sanitize house plumbing

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    Default How to sanitize house plumbing

    We are finally about a week away from a new deep well on our cottage property. We've used a shallow well for 40 years and in the past 15 of those years quit using the water for cooking and drinking due to the color. We never had it tested but in the past had a cartridge filter on it and I recall drinking it as a child.
    Anyway, now that we will have a new deep well with good clean water, I'm worried about connecting to the plumbing in the cottage. How can I chlorinate the plumbing, water heater? When they chlorinate the well can I have them pump it through the household plumbing and let it sit for a day or so?
    Thanks for your help

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    One way to sanitize all of the plumbing in the house is to pour several gallons of bleach down the wellhead, and then run all hot and cold water lines until you smell the bleach water coming out of each faucet and spigot.
    Let it set in the lines a least 12-24 hours, and then flush all lines until the bleach odor is gone.
    Good Luck!

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    Several gallons of bleach down the well is WAAAAAAY too much.

    The recommendation at the site at the link below is 3 pints of standard household bleach per 100 gallons of water in the well. That is about 150 ft of water in a 4" pipe or hole. See the table at the link.

    The bleach should be mixed with water about 1 part bleach per 10 parts water so you minimize corrosion risk on the casing and pump, and then pour it into the well allowing 3 pints of bleach per 100 gallons of WATER in the well. Wash down the casing with a few gallons of clear water after you pour in the bleach solution.

    Follow the instruction on the site for pumping through the system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lardlad
    When they chlorinate the well can I have them pump it through the household plumbing and let it sit for a day or so?
    Yes, and I did exactly that just a few months ago as part of finally getting rid of a sulfur odor in our system. However, the check valve in your system will keep anything inside the house from contaminating your new well, and chlorine in your overall plumbing is likely going to cause some oxidation and settling of any iron in your water.

    Personally, I would be inclined to first let the well be sanitized and flushed ... then just run all the house faucets (inside and out) for an hour or so and flush the water heater.

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    Default Thanks everyone

    Thanks for the info.


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