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Thread: Basement bathroom plumbing plan, new version

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    Default Basement bathroom plumbing plan, new version

    Thanks for the many helps from here, I put together the newest version:

    Pls click to enlarge.
    Does this look good? Do I need a cleanout at the 1 1/2" 90 elbow for accessing from back of the wetwall? Or change the 90 elbow to 45?

    I ordered the 27x54x16 tub, it was said to be for above floor plumbing. So I thought the P trap can go into wetwall from above the ground.
    it will need 3 weeks to arrive. I will breakdown the cement and try to tie the underground part together this weekend.

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    Breaking the cement is not so easy. It took me whole Saturday to cut the cement with circular saw and then sledgehammer 10' . I am to tired to dig the trench today.


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