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Thread: hose bib sounds like a jack hammer

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    Default hose bib sounds like a jack hammer

    Had an old hose bib, leaked and made horrible noises. Cut into the wall, replaced with a brand new one from home depot, proper slope etc. Now it has the following problems: 1. if a hose with a sprayer is left on it (water on) water starts spurting out the handle of the bib. solved that by always turning off the water (not convenient but ok) 2. just hooked the hose to a sprinkler, and until the water was mostly on, it sounded like a jackhammer or a machine gun - awful, sounded like it was doing damage or would in the long term. what in the world is going on?? do i start over, did i get a bad one? is it a problem with the anti-siphon part? thanks Jim

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    The leak around the stem can be fixed by lubricating the stem and tightening up the stem packing nut.

    The vibrating noise is probably a loose or damaged bibb washer on the stem, also easily fixed.

    For what it's worth ( 2 cents!) bibbs should not normally be left on when not in use for any long period ( over 10 or 15 minutes.). The stem packing is not that rigoruous, and the hose itself also is not designed for that.

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    The valve you purchased from Depot has "spring type" backflow preventor that during backflow condition drains from the handle. When your hose is pressurized and the water pressure in your house drops (toilet flush, dishwasher, etc) the pressure in the hose is greater than the house, causes a backflow condition, and the excess backpressure in drained through the stem, out of a hole by the handle.

    The jackhammering noise is during flow, the water pressure overcomes the spring pressure on the backflow preventor, then the spring jumps back...repeatedly, causing your noise.

    Poorly designed import frostproof hydrant, next time look for a good domestic product without springs at a supply house.

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    thanks for the replies - the bib is a Mueller frost free (ten inch) with a red handle - made in tiawan. If that is a cheap one i will replace it -- have not finished the wall repair yet. if it is okay, i will repair the insides and be careful in the future . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by NPMSTR
    ... next time look for a good domestic product without springs at a supply house.
    I just installed some Woodfords, as recommended by some of the folks here, and they are great. You can get them in a variety of lengths and configurations, and I got my three for a grand total of $40.00.


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