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Thread: A Problem With Tub Overflow

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    Default A Problem With Tub Overflow

    I have an older tube that has the overflow opening and drain plug mounted on the face at the end of the tube. This opening has female threaded nuts built into the cast metal on each side on the opening and here the bolts screw in to mount the overflow and drain plug plate. The linkage on the old drain plug broke and I needed to remove the plate for repair. In the process, both heads turned off the bolts. The remaining bolt stems are badly rusted and now rusted in place in the cast metal opening. Obviously these must be removed before I can finish any repairs. I have used WD-40 in an attempt to loosen these part, but had no success. Suggestions?

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    Soak them in PB Blaster--available at the auto parts store--then try turning them out with a vice grips. If you can't grab the end with a vice grips, you'll need to use a screw extractor or just drill them out.


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