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Thread: Where can I get this funky DWV PVC 6-sided cross piece???

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    Question Where can I get this funky DWV PVC 6-sided cross piece???

    Main soil stack is directly below adjoining bathrooms. Stack contains a single piece of PVC that's a SIX-connector piece. This thing literally handles everything but the kitchen sink

    1. NORTH goes up & out to roof vent
    2. SOUTH goes down to connect to house drain
    3. WEST connects out & up to toilet
    4. EAST connects out & up to toilet
    5. BACK connects out & up to a tee for trapped sink & tub
    6. FRONT connects out & up to a tee for trapped shower & tub

    This is the original plumbing in a 35 year old ranch. Do they even make something like this anymore???

    Also, previous tub used brass for its overflow & drain pipes (which then connected into PVC trap). Pros & cons of using PVC vs brass for the new tub?


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    Nibco makes that in black ABS, not sure about PVC. It is called a double sanitary tee with 90 side inlets. It is part number 5835-9-9, and is available as 4x4x4x4x2x2, and 3x3x3x3x2x2.

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    Check Charlotte Pipe.
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    Talking how many do you want???

    did you say in 3 inch????

    I think that is called a 3 inch double ideal cross.....

    it is a cross to go to both toilets, up to the stack and down to the sewer....and out of both sides of the cross their are 2 inch outlets for everyhing else

    I have about 30 of them laying in the dust bin.....

    only about 30 years old.....still fresh.........sch 40 pvc

    let me know
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