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Thread: small chip in acrylic tub

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    Lightbulb small chip in acrylic tub

    does a small chip in a acrylic fiberglass pose a huge problem...my wife is worried ..it is new ..we are just remodeling after a fire ..and i think a worker dropped something ..but cannot prove it ..bathroom is all most ready .but wife thinks tub has to be replaced ..surley there is a repair kit i can buy ..i live in canada .so a location i could find a repair kit would be greatly appreciated.i live in niagara falls canada..please answer soon wife is driving me crazy ha ha ..i dont think we have to rip wall out to replace tub ..a repair kit will do im sure thx..mikee

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    I believe that Lasco makes a repair kit for bathtubs. In addition, I think I saw an acrylic bathtub and shower repair kit at Home Depot or Lowes (dont remember the manufacturer though).

    Your best bet may be to contact the manufacturer of your tub and ask if they have a repair kit. If so, their colors should match your tub pretty well.

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    If the chip is only in the acrylic layer, you should be fine, but you want to prevent water from getting underneath the acrylic layer. Various repair kits do exist, or you could pay for a professional repair for around $150 (Northeast US). Professionally done, you would be hardpressed to find the repaired spot.

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