Greetings. New to the forum here, but I've found lots of tips on issues I've ran across remodeling my home. I have an older tub without a drain stopper assembly of any kind. I've purchased a new Gerber PVC plunger-style drain assembly. The old drain is a cross-bar style which I know will take some work to get free, however the overflow cover plate has no visible means of attachment to the overflow pipe behind the tub. Is it possible that it screws into a threaded pipe fitting in the same manner the drain does? The overflow plate's openings look like flower petals with a cast loop in the center to which the drain plug chain once attached. Is it safe to try to unscrew the cover plate with pliers basically? There is no center post or screw of any kind. The local plumbing supply shop refused to believe this fact even after showing them digital images on my camera. Help. Thanks in advance.