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Thread: Sprinkler pump with pressure tank

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    Default Sprinkler pump with pressure tank

    Can I use a sprinkler pump with a pressure tank for my sprinklers. The water is to be taken from underground well. Does it make sense using a pressure tank or just use a normal sprinkler tank.
    If I were to use a pump alone, can it be turned on with the sprinklers and manually, by attaching a garden hose to this pump.

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    Default Pressure tank is good.

    Think of when you have a bunch of batteries hooked up in parallel. Same voltage, yet less drain and stress on the batteries.
    With a pressure tank you may retain a more constant pressure without constantly running your pump. Just like your pump and tank for the house, it should have it's cutoffs, regulators and such. Since you mentioned garden hose, I don't think you're irrigating Villa Olivia Golf Course or the south forty acres. Yet still, you seem to suggest a separate well for sprinkling. As a kid in Wisconsin, one pressure tank handled feeder pigs, cattle, household, and evening garden sprinkling very well. Albeit, the well probably took up most of the electric bill out of anything else..
    Now as to the difference between a pressure tank and a sprinkler tank, I can only suspect that while they are in the same church, they occupy different pews. I'll leave that to the full time bishops that be. If there's too much pressure coming out of the hose, just turn it down a tad. Do we really need a Northstar V-8 on the Hoover Vacuum?
    Hang tight for more input here and by all means feel free to clarify anything that may help us help you. If I don't see a couple of hits by Wednesday regarding my air dam on a commercial ejection pit, I'll have pictures by then as I have a habit of complicating things too.

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    I have a habit of complicating things

    I would say that might be an understatement.

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    It is going to depend on the sizing of your pipes, heads, and pump. In our part of the country, irrigation pumps (including lawn) are run without tanks or pressure switches.

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    I bought this property recently, (in Florida) in this area we use well water for our household needs. The sprinkler system is already in place except a pump, talking to a friend, he said, why don't you use a pump and pressure tank so the the pump will not be running all the time while the spinklers are on and you will save on electricity. So I started to investigate this method. I have 30 sprinkler heads. If the pressure tanks is a good idea, what size should I buy. I will be using the same well but seperate pump for the sprinklers.

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    You best have irrigation person in your area make some recommendations.

    You have to take into consideration the number and size of heads per zone, pipe size, pump size, and not least the capacity of the well. Then, what size tank is needed to avoid short cycles on the pump.

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    Thanks for the information


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