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Thread: piping for condensate drain, good or bad?

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    Default piping for condensate drain, good or bad?

    Just posted this in the plumbing forum, then figured out it may be more appropriate here.

    Just had a new high-efficiency natural-gas furnace installed, with no suitable drain available for the condensate a pump was installed and the condensate is pumped up a pipe and out the side of the house to drain into the dirt.

    2 questions - knowing the condensate is acidic, should I keep the drain a minimum distance from the side of the house? Can the acid harm a concrete foundation wall?

    The HVAC guys piped it up with PVC, and then connected into an existing 3/4" copper pipe that exits out the side, can the acid have a problem with the copper pipe? Should I replace the copper so it is PVC all the way?

    Thanks for the help.


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    the acid will indeed have a reaction with the copper......there should be a neutralizer on the condensate line before the pump,but my concern is more with freezing of the pump discharge line in winter....if that happens the pump will not operate and the pump's sump will overflow causing a flood.I would rather see the discharge going into an indirect waste line or perhaps a laundry sink....


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