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Thread: Cement cure time?

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    Default Cement cure time?

    How long does it take for ABS cement to cure? I put in drain pipes on Thurs/Fri and I can still smell something strong in the bathroom. It doesn't smell like sewer gas (no rotten egg smell.)

    It hasn't been all that warm here (13C-17C) and I figured that smell should be gone by now...

    Edit: I should add all I have for ventilation is the bathroom fan. I closed the bathroom door hoping the fan would suck the air out, but after a while I thought that fresh air can't get in then.
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    The solvents in the cement are pretty strong, and depending on how much you put on, can linger for awhile. It probably helps if you are using the drain , too. that may wash away any surface stuff. Never used ABS, only PVC, but that can linger, too. If there is a trap, have you run water down the thing enough to fill the trap?
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    Yeah, I put water down to fill the trap.

    It's a pretty strong smell, and the problem is compounded by only having a bathroom fan and not a window.

    What clued me in on the smell is (of course) I got cement all over my hands and the smell was the same. The instructions on the cement can said use lots, so I did...


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