Now that I've had a good experience with one plumbing project, I'm ready for another.

We live in a small (25 home) development in south central Texas that has a strong common well. The water is hard but I haven't had it tested, sometimes light orange, most always has a slight sulfur gas smell. It gets tested about 4 times a year and has always been healthy.

The sulfur smell is from the cold side, my wife can smell it - I don't even realize it's there. I guess it could be from the hot as well, but she never mentioned anything when the tub is used, things like tooth brushing and pill swallowing seem to be when she reacts. From time to time the water has a bleach smell. I'm assuming this is a result of the water provider taking care of whatever.

Anyway, now that I've identified the lines that feed the hot water tank the kitchen and the bathroom, we're considering doing something about the water. There are so many styles and vendors on the internet, I don't know who to trust. So, I'm trusting y'all to be straight shooters who know that I most likely won't be buying anything from you, and that all we really have in common is a mutual feeling about helping others and the desire to share knowledge.

Anyway, is there a product that can do all three (hard water, smell & iron)?
What do I need to know before I call the Culligan man?

Thanks for your insights!