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    I have new well that I have used daily for 4 months. My area is a big clay bowl and I have major silt in the water. I installed a "bag" silt filter and I change the filter every two days or so, but it is not doing the job. I need a "heavy duty" silt filter system. Can you recommend one?

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    Default well or bore hole

    hi what dia is the well please? when it was sunk did they pump to waste with a high power pump to remove the fines. is it cased all the way down what size screen does it have? was it gravel packed? pump depth and rwl are? all the best max

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    Before spending money on point of entry filtration, i would see if you could flush the silt by running a garden hose directly of the holding tank and run it full blast outside. Sometimes it can take up to two weeks for it to clear up. I would also call the well company that installed it and make them aware of the situation. Depending on what type of well you have,it could be coming from a soft seem in the rock, where the casing is seated in the rock, or an undeveloped screened well.



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