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Thread: Now what???

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    Default Now what???

    I am new to my sprinkler system - turned on the water, nothing worked - replaced solenoids - wa-laa! Water! BUT one of the valves would not shut off - went to the Home Depot and was told it was a bad diaphram - bought a new valve, replaced - turned on the water and this same valve will not turn off! Orbit brand 1" valve - I just don't get it! So frustrating! I've checked all wiring and the control box. Also - this valve sprays water out through the turn off knob on top while it is open. Any clues?

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    Default valve

    To turn one of those valves on manually, you relieve the pressure above the diaphragm. If the valve stem leaks that is the same thing as opening the manual operator and it will run as long as the water leaks. You must have gotten a HD special.


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