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Thread: experience with "uni-fit rough-in"?

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    Default experience with "uni-fit rough-in"?

    i have been looking at buying a toilet with a "12-inch uni-fit rough-in." depending on how much i straighten out my wall and if i tile, my actual toilet rough-in will be between 9 and 10 + 1/2 inches.
    has anyone ever used a uni-fit rough-in before? if the idea is to be able to adjust to 10- or 14- inches, why does it say 12-inch?
    i'm also pretty set on a black toilet; does toto have any toilets available in black? thanks for any help.

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    Toilets that use the Unifit adapter come with the 12" rough, the one in the center.
    You can also buy the 10" or the 14" adapter.

    Since most of the toilets have 3/4" at the back, it would mean that a 9-1/4" rough in would work with the 10" adapter.

    Since the bowl is so close to the wall, the water shutoff needs to be 7" to the left of center.

    Toto does make black toilets.

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    thanks very much. i appreciate the help.


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