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    I am getting ready to rough in a shower (existing/remodel). The old shower/bath valve was all steel (galv?). It is being replaced with a moen which I am sure is all brass. The supply lines come up from the floor below and are galv. with galv. 90 degree elbows that run toward each other to feed the original shower valve.

    I realize that I will have corrosion problems if I try to connect the 90 degree elbows to any new copper that goes in; but will I have any problems if I attach the supply lines to the new brass valve using only galanized fittings? I read earlier that galv to copper is no good; but galv to brass is safe. Is this true? If not, what is the beat solution? I don't think removing the entire suppl lines is an option, and I am not sure the elbow, if removed will leave the supply line threads in usable shape.

    I thought about cutting the 1/2" supply line with a sawzall; but then would be unable to rethread without over torquing the supply line at its root.

    Help if you know the solution. thanks,


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    Galvanized was good in its day. That day has passed. Do yourself a favor and replace all that you can get to behind that new shower so when the time comes and it leaks or clogs up with rust in the rest of the house, you don't have to tear out your nice shower to fix it, too. Follow those lines back until you find a convenient place to make the transition, and replace all of the supplies to the shower wall. Not sure about the best transition, but you really don't want it behind the tiled wall in a new shower - do it further back where you don't have to tear it out to fix.
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