to stop what I'm least for now. That job I did today turned out to be a $925 job......between the drain cleaning and replacing the water heater. Customer opted for PRV and EXP tank after the ruptured tank was clearly a sign of what the gauge was not showing at 70psi.

After the water was shut off to the tank, it went to 94.

It looky real good now! It was one of those houses that was so dirty that you have shortness of breath walking through the door, and the water heater replacement makes the rest of the house, look worse.

This customer waited months........months to hire a plumber. Clogged sink and bathroom lav, over 3 months. Water heater? Been leaking for over 8 months......customer was using 13,000 gallons of water a month.

He bought the water heater AND 50' of copper pipe over 6 months ago and his mother finally demanded that they stop washing dishes in the tub and taking 4 minute showers, maybe depending on how many minutes of hot water was available.

I can't even imagine how much money was spent between the electric and water demands of that water heater leaking like that for so long.

I can bet probably paid for the plumber 3 times over.........just in a monthly charge instead of a flat fee.

Charge it! $$$