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Thread: Chrome plated brass p-trap to 2" PVC

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    Default Chrome plated brass p-trap to 2" PVC

    We are remodeling a guest bath and replacing the vanity with an open style allowing the plumbing to be seen. I have purchased brushed nickel plated brass tail pipe and p-trap (1.25"). The existing waste line at the wall is 2" OD PVC. I am wondering what the best way is to connect the 1.25" brass to the 2"OD PVC? Thanks.

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    You need to get a 2"-1.25" PVC reducing fitting that you glue to the 2" PVC and which has 1.25" MIP threads. You then need to use a 1.25" nut that has FIP (female iron pipe threads). You can't use the nut that comes with the p-trap, because it has the wrong threads.

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    Your 2" o.d. pipe, really 1 7/8", is a 1 1/2" stubout. You need a 1 1/2 x 1 1/4" trap adapter. Glue it to the pipe and then slide the trap in and tighten the slip nut which comes with the adapter. (Your trap nuts have the correct thread, you just don't have the third one you will need.)


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