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Thread: Shower/ tub leak

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    Question Shower/ tub leak

    We have in our bath a shower/tub with a glass(sliding) door. It leaks through the bottom track of the aluminum frame. The door was not very well installed since the beginning (The contractor had no idea how to do it properly ) and also it seems like the fiberglass shower/tub is out of square, so it is imposible to match up the doors with the wall jambs. (I tried everything!). It is also hard to clean it, specially the mildew and the soap scum that gather on the corners and glass. The glass is also somewhat dangerous when you have a 2 year old kid who likes to lean and play with the door. We want to switch and install a regular shower courtain, but the "front" wall of the shower(where the sliding door is now installed) is kind of low, just about 4 -5 inches from the floor and we are affraid that it might leak with a regular courtain. Is there anything neat that can be done to the existing fiberglass shower to raise the height of the front wall so we can install the courtain?

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    On your doors the roller heights can be adjusted to compensate for out-of-plumb walls. Keep in mind when you do this that each door must be adjusted for the side it normally is closed against. It will not be plumb if slid to the other side.


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