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Thread: How good: Gerber Ultra Flush?

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    Default How good: Gerber Ultra Flush?

    Hi, This is my first post. I've had 'sluggish' toilets for several years. Toilets flush fine with only paper. Balks on solids of much content. Must keep plunger handy.

    Today, I called in a plumber. Consensus: You're too full of 'solids.' {I'm on a very high fiber diet}.

    His conclusion: Since your 3.5 gal tank ain't cutting it, you might consider 'pressure-assist' - or, a high on the wall mounted tank.

    I spent most of this morning Googling. 1) I couldn't find any high wall mounted tanks {the real old-timers}; 2) The Gerber Ultra Flush 21-302 seemed to rate as the most powerful 1.6 system out there; 3) I discovered Terry Love's website.

    Sorry for being so long-winded. SO, is the Gerber Ultra Flush my best best?


    Gerber Ultraflush Pressure Assist toilet review and comments
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