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Thread: Vent... should it stay or should it go

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    Default Vent... should it stay or should it go

    I have removed a shower and the drain for it from the line main. It had been between a full bathroom, laundry room and my kitchen. I easily meet the venting needed for the remaining fixtures on the line. My question is, if I just cap off the old vent inside the wall for the removed shower could that cause me problems? Will leaving it help at all with the drainage of the line in general? I can go either way. I was concerned if it was capped off, it might collect material and create a stoppage down the road. Thanks

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    Default vent

    If, as you say, the vent was just for the shower, then it makes no difference whether it stays, is capped off, or is removed. It will have no effect on the rest of the system, and nothing should get in it to cause a problem elsewhere either.

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    Default Great advice from everyone..thanks!

    Based on the information you all have supplied me with, I've decided to remove the vent pipe. All the plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen has been updated to code with proper venting. The vent line I'm removing (now) is on a 3 inch line with an up sweep w/o threads. I'll just be cutting off the ABS and cappin it! Thanks to everyone.

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    hj's comment was right on.

    When a shower is removed from the system, it won't affect anything else.
    Every fixture should have been plumbed to stand on it's own.
    So, cutting out the shower, and capping the vent would be fine.
    Sometimes in new construction, a plumber will drop a capped vent line from the second floor, in case the homeowner adds pumbing in the basement.
    Then the homeowner can cut the cap off later and use it for the downstairs.


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