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Thread: Examine my Bathroom Remodel Plans

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    Default Examine my Bathroom Remodel Plans

    We've been long anticipated updating our 80's style master bathroom to something more modern and usable, and we're about ready to get started. Would you take a look at the current and proposed plans attached and see if there are any complications or things to be aware of? I've spoken to a couple of plumbers, and all say it can be done without any major problems, but I'm still nervous.

    The major work is in moving the toilet from the center of the room to the back corner. We'll be replacing the tub, adding a double vanity and enlarging the closet.

    Any comments are greatly appreciated...as first-time home owners, we're definitely nervous about our first big remodel!
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    Default background info

    since plumbers have said "no problem" what you may want to know more clearly is what will really be involved. If so, you need to draw and post the drain pipe layout underneath the bathroom, and show where the joists are if this is not a concrete slab. Whether a toilet can be moved several feet away depends on where the vent is, and on the general layout which can be shown in a simple diagram, stick-drawn (a few straight lines) .

    Looks like you are
    1.) moving the tub drain a couple inches,
    2.) either shortening or extending the toilet ("closet") "waste arm",
    3.) adding a "continuous waste - end outlet" to the current sink drain,
    4.) not changing the shower in any way.

    The terms are the right ones to search on, if you want to know more first before asking for explanation.


    edit: Master Plumbers who tell you they can do it, will be right 100% of the time. If any of the people you consulted where Master Plumbers, you can sleep well at night knowing that they have adequate professional training. What you can get here is more knowledge for yourself, and maybe a couple ideas about a couple minor things that can be overlooked at first glance.
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