Hi all

The cast iron sewer cleanout for my house is in a bad spot to be sticking up so high. It is about 10 feet outside my foundation wall and appears to be a 3" pipe sticking vertically out of the ground. But the pipe has a fitting that enlarges to a 4" at the end (just before where the cleanout plug is)

So I'd like to dig into the soil around the pipe, cut it off below the grade and put on a new plug - then put a "valve box" (the plastic jobbies usually seen around sprinkler valves?) over top of it.

I've never done any outdoor plumbing and I'm not sure if I'm overlooking something. Would I just put a rubber adapter (like a Fernco or Mission boot) over the cut end and then put on an ABS cleanout and plug?

I actually have installed and replaced a lot of DWV inside of houses, but I don't have even a beginner's understanding of where this sewer cleanout leads to and what I should be considering as far as future access. I've never seen a diagram of where the waste pipe goes after it enters the basement floor!