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Thread: Does Toto Aquia soft close seats wobble? SS114 vs SS204

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    Exclamation Does Toto Aquia soft close seats wobble? SS114 vs SS204

    Both SS114 and SS204 are soft closed seat.
    1. What is the difference between the two?
    2. Which one is better?
    3. I heard some toto seats wobble... Which one wobble?
    4. Are they easy to clean? (Some brands have seats which can be easily removed for easy access and cleaning...)
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    The SS114 is a "Standard" seat which has a flat back. It looks like a regular seat but is a "Softclose".
    The SS204 is a "Oval" seat, so it is round in the back. This seat looks good on the Aquia, Nexus, Mercer... any toilet that has a oval look to it.
    I have heard of some seats wobbling what usually happens is when someone is wiping that person will sit and push the seat more on one side and it will loosen over time because the bolts and nuts are plastic.
    The Aquia comes with top mounted bolts which are a brass bolt and a rubber anchor. So it will be better than the plastic bolts and should stop it from coming loose.

    TOTO Mercer
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