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Thread: how to verify if drain pipe passes code (cast iron below grade)?

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    Default how to verify if drain pipe passes code (cast iron below grade)?


    I am renting in a recently constructed townhouse development, and I have signed a contract to purchase another unit. We had the inspection yesterday, and the inspector said that the drain pipe violated plumbing code because the PVC dips below grade. My city requires cast iron pipe below grade. I'm trying to anticipate the sellers' response, and I would like to know whether the cast iron is supposed to be extremely obvious to the untrained eye, or whether it may be hard to see from above [since it's supposed to be "below grade"]. In the unit that I'm renting, the cast iron pipe is very obvious. Also, there were a lot of stains and cracks in the vinyl tile in the unit we have purchased. Do you think it's related to the PVC dipping below grade? I have posted pics below. The first 2 are from the unit that I've purchased, and the last is from the unit that I'm renting.

    I would appreciate your input!

    thank you

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    See the replies made to your post at at that other plumbing forum.


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