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Thread: Replumbing drain for my A/C condensate line

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    Default Replumbing drain for my A/C condensate line

    Hello everyone ! This is my first post here. I have an furnace with A/C on my second floor with a condensate line which drains into a Tee between a bar sink and the bar sink trap. I want to remove the bar sink and keep the condensate drain line draining into the same old bar sink drain line. I also have an EZ trap in the line as it comes out of the A/C drain pan at the furnace. My question is what to do to connect the condensate line to the bar sink drain line. Do I keep the trap below the bar sink or just try to connect the PVC condensate line to the bar sink drain line without the trap. I want to avoid any problems I've read about double traps.

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    Regardless of what you do, and you should not connect the AC directly to the drain line, you are going to have an odor problem during dry weather and winter time, because without condensate the trap will dry out. Then sewer gas will enter the room, and the air conditioner/heating will suck the sewer gas into the duct work and blow it all through the hous, giving you a hard to locate sewer gas odor.

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    What othre plumbing is on that wall?
    Is there a fixture near to it or on the other side of the wall you could plumb the condensate to?


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