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Thread: Swamp Cooler Axle Bearing Replacement

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    Default Swamp Cooler Axle Bearing Replacement

    I haven't done one of these before. I had to cut off the corroded bolts holding the bearing housing in place. The housing came off with what was left of the rubber "pillow". The bearing itself, with its brass bushing, is fused to the axle. Anyone know where I can get a pillow block bearing puller that will work for a swamp cooler axle? I guess I can try to cut it off, but I'd rather try to pull it off. Also, if it's such a tight fit, how do I slide the new one over the axle? I would hate to have to pound on it with a hammer.
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    Turns out you don't need any special bearing puller for this. I used a torch and then worked it loose with my largest channel locks. After I cleaned and lubed up the axle, the new bearing slid on easily.
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