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Thread: Whistling Gas Line to Pool Heater

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    Default Whistling Gas Line to Pool Heater

    I have a bad whistle when my gas kicks in for my pool heater. The company who installed the line came back today to look at the line and said everything was fine and they had no idea what could be causing the problem. I have been looking on-line, and the main cause of this problem that I can find is low pressure. If this is the case, is there anything I can do to increase the pressure.

    The plumbing company, who I am losing faith in quickly, never mentioned low pressure as a possible problem--they said it could be the flexible yellow tubing that they used to run the line, approximately 40 feet from the main line, across the ceiling of my basement and out the wall to the pool. They were going to contact the manufacturer of the tubing and get back to me.

    I need to fix this problem, as the sound is very loud--sounds like a tea pot going off in my basement.

    Anybody have any suggestions?


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    I am going to guess that they need to up size the line to eliminate the noise.

    The line is so small the the gas is flowing at a high rate of speed to feed the pool heater and causing the noise.

    They may not have done there homework B 4 doing the job.

    How much did they charge you?

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    They charged me $900.00.

    I noticed last night when I was in my basement checking things out that the line that was run to my gas fire place (when the house was built) is definitely thicker. The other lines running to the kitchen stove and the upstairs water heater are the same diameter as the one that was installed for the pool heater.

    He told me that he would get back to me in a couple of days after her spoke to the manufacturer of the tubing. The guy who came back to check out the system yesterday, was the same guy who installed the line last summer, and he said that the owner of the company was a good guy who would do whatever he needed to to make it right, so I am confident that they will eventually fix the problem, but not so impressed that this is baffling them to this extent. I would think that it is something that they should be able to figure out pretty easily.

    I appreciate your insight--thank you--Matt.

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    Default noise

    Either the pipe makes a very sharp corner, or it is too small. Either one will cause the whistling sound. Although, usually if it were too small the burner would go out when the flame started.

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    I had a 3/4" line running from front of the house to the back of the yard. This is about 60 feet and my pool heater kept shutting off. The problem was 3/4" wasn't suppling enough gas and we had to go to 1-1/2".
    If your running the same size hose to a pool heater 40ft i would think your supply is to small and you could run the risk of losing gas if another device turns on and interupts the supply.


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