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Thread: toilet troubles

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    Default toilet troubles

    Hi, I'm having problems with my basement toilet and possibly tub. Lately, sometimes my toilet flushes really slowly or not at all. It just fills up and swirls around a bit, and then the water level drops to normal, or sometimes the water will almost completely empty the bowl. Last week, some of the waste from the toilet came up through the basement tub in the same bathroom. I did a bunch of plunging which I think helped because the toilet would finally flush normally, but after a few uses, it would start to flush slowly again.
    I think it stopped coming up through the tub, but I have noticed when I plunge the toilet, some water comes (not much) comes up through the tub, still.

    I have plunge the toilet numerous times and have even used a 6' toilet auger. But I'm still having this issue. Seems like it will be okay after it sits for a while - after it sits for a couple of hours or so, I can get a good flush, but then after a few more flushes it goes back to just swirling around the bowl.

    I'm wondering if I need to snake the tub?? Or remove the toilet and snake from there.

    I've been in this house for several years and have never had any plumbing problems. Oh, and I'm not having any problems in any other areas of the house.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You almost certainly have a clog. It may be easier to clean it out if you remove the toilet. Plunging just pushed it a little further down the pipe, giving you enough room to flush the toilet.
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    Default toilet

    You have a plugged or partially plugged drain line. Plunging does nothing to cure it, although it can relieve some symptoms for a short time. Chemicals also are useless, so don't even waste money on them.

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    If you hear noises in the tub when you flush the toilet, I think it means bad plumbing.The waste pipes are not laid as it should or joined in the right place and level.
    If that is the case, you could have a vent fitted,helps the waste flow down the pipes.

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    Thanks for everyone's response.

    Turns out is was the sewer ejector pump. I failed to mention that there was some leakage coming from the sewer tank in the basement closet. My pumber friend came by and replaced the pump. All is well now.

    Thanks again!!


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