We just purchased our home 4 months ago, and recently I noticed some days the sprinklers will come on, and other days it will not. Not even manually. The rainbird has 8 zones, and is set to watering 7 days a week. We have a raingauge which I had disabled to make sure it was running properly. I called a rainbird expert, and he thinks I needed a new box. The box wasn't displaying any error messages, and he wanted too much money for it. I ordered one myself on the internet, but when it got here, the sprinklers started working again for about 2 consecutive weeks. When it did not turn on yesterday, I wired in the new box, and it still didn't work. Wired back the old box, and tried manually to turn it on. Didn't work. Later on that day, tried manually and it worked this time, and all 8 zones. This morning, didn't work.

I'm thinking it is a loose wire somewhere between the box and the first zone. I checked the outside of the house, but the wires are fully covered by tubes running into the ground. Has anyone experienced this sort of thing before? Any remedy? Sorry about the long post. And thank you in advance for your advice to help me fix this.