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Thread: which 'wilkins' check valve should I use?

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    Default which 'wilkins' check valve should I use?

    I just purchased a wilkins model#950xl for my soon to be sprinkler system. I am just looking over the paper work that came with it and it says that, "it should be used where a health hazard does not exist in the event of a backflow situation." The next model is the 975xl which is also a reduced pressure assembly which requires a drain. I explained to the people at the plumbing supply what I was doing and they sold me the 950, but I wanted to check with the board before I went ahead with the work. Will the 950 be ok or should I return it and get the 975xl? Thanks


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    You need to check with local authorites for backflow prevention requirements.

    Here, commercial and multifamily properties require RPZ on sprinkler AND domestic service lines. Single family residences can have just anti-siphon valves or a PVB on the sprinklers.


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