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Thread: steam radiators - recycle or sell?

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    Default steam radiators - recycle or sell?

    Hi. I've just pulled out 5 steam radiators from my house. I've replaced the heat with radiant on two floors and new hot water radiators on one floor.

    I'm not sure what to do with the old radiators. They work fine (heated the house for many, many years), so it seems a shame to scrap them. But, I'm not sure these are much in demand (one-pipe). And I don't know if the price I would get for scrap would be better than the price for a used radiator.

    Anyone know?

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    Why not try to sell them before you scrap them? You may wish to check out ****. They have some listed on there, not too cheap either! Some models are very desirable. If you are a member, or even a guest, you can "watch" items, that is, see what they sell for. New radiators are freaky expensive. I sort of wanted to put some in our house, as it had no heating, but it was tooo pricey. (We opted for radiant floor instead.) Good luck!


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