I am in the process of choosing a company to install an interior french drain in my basement. So far I have 2 companies to choose from. The prices are about the same, however, one company uses PVC piping under the gravel while the other uses a flexible pipe. The one who uses a flexible pipe states it is superior to pvc because the holes in the PVC pipes are too large and it allows dirt to be sucked in. Additionally, pvc pipes only have one set of holes and can be installed at the wrong angle. The flexible pipes on the other hand have slits all over which is more beneficial. He also claims the flexible pipe will never crush. On the other hand, the other company swears that PVC pipes are the best way to go because they are strong and have a good history.

Since I know very little about this stuff and do not want to get hooked by the better salesman, I am reaching out to the experts for a good opinion. Guys, help please ??