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Thread: Underground water...now what?

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    Question Underground water...now what?

    Friday, a contractor dug out and replaced (with PVC) an old tile sewer line between our house and the city lateral line. The tile failed in several places and we had sink holes. A camera showed the lines going to the house (from the repair) were fine, but under the spot where the new pipe connects to the old (heading back to the house), you can see a steady stream of moving water running under the new PVC. We shut off the water to the house to make sure that wasn't the source. We also made sure it was not coming from the downspout. Now we are scratching our heads. Ideas? The contractor suggests continuing to dig paralel to the line to see if we can find the source... the property is in the city of St. Louis.

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    I wouldn't dig more unless it is causing a problem. If it is lower than your basement floor, and is flowing, then it has an outlet and won't cause a problem.


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