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Thread: Toto toilets - commercial vs residential

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    Default Toto toilets - commercial vs residential

    I am remodeling 3 bathrooms and have been investigating toilets. I definitely want Toto toilets. My contractor can get me Toto commercial toilets - model CST 704 (gravity fed). My other option is to purchase residential toilets - either Drake (w/ G-Max flushing system) or Promenade (gravity fed). I have two questions - what is the quality of the commercial CST 704 vs the residential systems? For appearance I really prefer the Promade toilet - any thoughts on Promenade vs my other two choices?

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    Toto G-Max and PowerGravity toilets are better than any of the other Toto toilets added together!

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    The Promanade and the CST704 are not favorites of mine.
    Too much splash and too shallow a bowl.
    The G-Max and the Power Gravity models work better.

    A model priced between those mentioned that I like is the Toto Dalton.


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