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Thread: Why Low Water Pressure in Just One Fixture?

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    Default Why Low Water Pressure in Just One Fixture?

    I live in a 2-storey house that is 25 years old. Most of the plumbing fixtures are also 25 years old.

    A few days ago the water pressure in the main upstairs tub and shower became very weak. It was still fine elsewhere, including the two sinks in the same bathroom.

    I removed the tub spout to investigate, and the water pressure coming from the pipe was weak. What is the problem and how do I fix it?

    Yesterday the pressure in a sink in a different bathroom just about disappeared. Is this problem related to the previous one?

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    What type of piping does it have?
    Copper or galvanized?
    anyting changed recently?

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    Take the diverter out and see if you see a possible problem.


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