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    So I'm 75% done finishing our basement. Just started working on the bath. Measured clearances in room, halls, doors for moving in one-piece fiberglass tub/shower. Got the tub home and down the stairs (by myself) when I realized I forgot to take one measurement - distance between stairs and floor overhang. Shower was 10" too tall. Rather frustrated at that point I retrieved my recip saw and cut the top 10" off the shower...then it fit down the stairs perfectly. Of course cutting it in half was not the ideal solution, but that's where I'm at. Question - since the top nailing flange is now gone I don't think it will be reasonable to finish the shower edge with greenboard and I'm now wondering how to finish the shower edge. The best idea I've come up with is to let a piece of cement board, which is fastened to the surrounding studs, overhang the top edge (cut edge) of the shower, then finish with tile and a lot of silicone. Any suggestions? Please keep the chuckling to a mild roar...
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