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Thread: Cadet 3 flushvalve assembly installation

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    Default Cadet 3 flushvalve assembly installation

    I recently installed a Cadet 3 toilet which was suppose to have all the 'innards' preinstalled (Speed Connect System) including the fulshvalve and fill valve. Although they were installed the flushvalve was oriented such that the hinge on the flapper hit the back of the tank when lifted up and would not open more than about an inch.

    I had to loosen the big nut that attached the flushvalve and repositioned it so the flapper would open all the way. However, the Refill tube was then not long enough to reach from the fill valve to the flushvalve inlet. So, I had to rotate the fill valve a few degrees to correct that.

    My quesiton:
    Is there a proper orientation for the flushvalve assembly so the flapper works best? Rignt now the flushvalve fill tube sits at an orientation of twelve o'clock when looking from the front of the toilet. Most of the pictures I see shows it at three o'clock. If I move it there the Refil tube would be 1/2 the required length. Does the orientation matter?

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    IMHO, as long as everything is doing its job and nothing is leaking, you should be fine. I'm just wondering why the toilet was not assembled properly in the first place.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I also don't know why it wasn't put together right. This was suppose to be an easy install for a homeowner with everything in one box (wax ring, seat, bolts, etc.). I had to go out at 9:45pm with just 15 minutes to spare before the hardware store closed and spend $25 on a wrench to loosen that large plastic nut. And it was tightened down very tightly.

    I am going to send American Standard Customer Relations a note about it.


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