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Thread: soldering a slip coupling tight spot

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    Default soldering a slip coupling tight spot

    My Woodford model 22 sillcock ruptured. (I had a Y connector attached to the spigot). I cut out the rupture, intend to put in a slip coupling. See photo. Problem is, it's in a corner - Will have to tip the torch to solder the rear section of the 3/4" pipe.- I assume that the blow torch will shut off when I tip it. First time I have attempted to solder. Any suggestions?

    I have removed the valve stem.

    I bought a Bernzomatic with a standard JT681 torch head. Don't want to spend much on a torch - I don't plan on using one very often. I do have this very small butane "Handy Torch" 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. Is that hot enough? (See photo)

    I assume the slip coupling will work. New sillcock is $85 at www.buywcm.com so I would prefer not to replace it.

    Another question - I used a tube cutter - but wasn't able to turn/cut all the way around the pipe - ended up pulling off the section I cut - which is why the cut has that bulge. I assume I need to re-cut it - but would rather not. What do you think?
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