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Thread: Artesian well set up

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    I am having problems with my water system. This past winter I had to replace my shallow jet pump and a few plumbing fitting due to freezing. No problems with replacing that. After that, I turn on the water and it ran for about 10 minutes then ran dry. I think(?) this is how my system is set up: Artestian well is flowing into a holding tank whichs flows to the pump, the pump has 5 gallon bladder tank cantilevered off the top which feeds the plumbing. Does this sound right? This a cottage and my neighbor has told me there is a 500 gallon holding tank under my deck and there is eveidence of boarded up access. My guess is the holding tank cracked. We had an extremely cold three weeks this winter. My next question is how to turn off the water in the future. Can I simply put in a valve to the holding tank and let the water blow off as if it was full? Great forum and thanks in advance.

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    I think you should start at the tank and check to see what is going on there. Maybe the artesian well is not delivering water into the tank for some reason. If its is, and there is plenty of water being delivered, i would then question the plumbing in front of the pump.


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    For everyones information I have figured it out. I did not allow enough time for the prime to take. I was worried about running the pump dry and turning the power off too early. Another thing I overlooked was the need for a check valve. Once the system pressurized and the pump turned off the water lfowed back. easy fix though. Thanks for the advice.


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