I bought my first house (Northern Ohio) and recently received my first full gas bill. We have not yet moved into the house since we have a lot to do before it is ready. We are currenly living in a condo that is about the same sq. footage as the house but the gas bill for the house was more than twice that of the condo.

The house used 74 ccf's. The house setting was (off now) 62 when we are there working and 50 when we are away.
The condo used 47 ccf's. The condo is set to 67 when we are home and 55 when away.

Please help me with all possible ways of reducing my gas bill. I know there are some are obvious things I need to do and they will be taken care of a.s.a.p. but I hope to get some help with some of the not so obvious.

*The furnace is pretty old. I'm guessing 15+ years old. How much of a savings could I see by replacing it?

*Would there be a significant savings by choosing an unregulated supplier as stated on my Columbia Gas of Ohio bill?

*I have a double layer of fiberglass insulation in the attic. Is that sufficient?

*Would I know via smell if there was a leak?

Any other recommendations would be very much appreciated. Great forum!