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Thread: Acid tablets?

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    Default Acid tablets?

    I've not used acid tablets myself, but we've had them put in our shallow well in the past. If I do use tablets how long should I let them work before expecting some results. I'm hoping maybe I'll improve my water flow enough to get me by until the new well is done.

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    read the back of the package.

    if these are nu well acid tabs from johnson screen the water will actually change color when the acid has acted to its fullest potential. i think that it goes from deep red to a light orange.

    also it is important that after you place in the tablets that the well get good and stirred up. you could rawhide the well or you could pour several five gallon buckets of water down after the tabs.

    we had one guy stick a garden hose down the well and continually circulate the water, i don't think that this will work though, not a good idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lardlad
    If I do use tablets how long should I let them work before expecting some results.
    I once put them in a shallow 1-1/4" well, agitated as best I could with a long rod, then capped the well overnight. Capping the well will cause the internal pressure buildup to force the acid on through the screen. The next morning I used a pitcher pump to clear the well before reconnecting the pump ... and all of that worked very well.

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    It has always been my experience that running the garden hose from a neighbor into the well at least overnight, helps dissolve the tablets and move them out into the aquifer through all the encrustation that takes place not only just on the screen but out around it for as far as 3 feet or so.

    The other thing is, with a small well, place them in one at time or they may bridge at a joint.

    Another point. Don't let the well get so bad that it won't even drink water. If you do, the tablets will not work at all.



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