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Thread: Problem: Backed up House

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    Default Problem: Backed up House

    My friend is really frustrated right now.
    His house plumbing backed up and is unable to find the source.
    They called a plumber out and he ran 150 feet of snake and nothing.
    He suggested that it was a city problem and he should call them.
    He called the city and they came out only to tell him that everything was fine and that the problem was in his house.
    He calls another plumber and he was also unable to find anything after snaking several times.
    The last guy suggested that perhaps he has a broken pipe in the ground.
    My friend has a very large tree next to his house and the plumber suggested that maybe a root has damaged some piping.
    The water trickles away VERY slowly.
    Any suggestions on what he should do next?
    Another plumber quoted him $1500 to dig up the place and look for the problem.
    Is this all he can do now? Or is there other options?

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    could be roots clogging the line, is there a company with a seesnake available? sending a camera down the line should find the problem. How far is the house from the street or city lateral? I have a neighbor with occasional backup problems, the snake passes right through the blockage without clearing it (I can see the snake at the lateral). Eventually with patience and persistance the blockage breaks and the line clears. I believe he has a root problem.
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    See if the line can be jetted and then camera inspected right afterwards and located and depth marked also.

    They should also be able to make a video of the line.

    If there is only 1 place where there is a problem the line can be repaired rather than replaced.

    I have seen where a sewer line leaves the house and clean out with 4" pipe and then goes to 5 or 6" pipe. If this is the case the largest blade to fit (4") won't clear / cut the roots out.
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