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Thread: How to stretch a ptrap?

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    Question How to stretch a ptrap?

    Somehow I need to do something to match the new kitchen sink ptrap to the existing waste line.

    The existing waste line comes into the kitchen sink cabinet from the side, not from the wall. It is 2 inches further back than the ptrap can reach from the new double bowl sink. Moving the old 2 inch copper waste line is a bother, to put it mildly.

    Do they make 90 degree elbows with flanges? Some type of 90 degree elbow with threads and a compression ring? It would be nice to take an elbow right off each sink drain basket and run to the rear.

    And any help with the jargon is greatly appreciated! -Doug

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    It may be a bother, but putting a fitting on the copper drain line to deflect into alignment with the sink trap is the only "good" way to do it. With flanged and slip nut elbows you are going to have a system that could fall apart everytime you bump it.

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    Hmm. Plastic ells may be less secure than soldered copper, but since the cabinets are already drilled and fitted over the 2 inch DWV, and the 2-bowl already has N-number of plastic slip nuts what with the dishwasher wye and all, I'll find some other way. Thanks, though!


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