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Thread: Toilet leak between tank and bowl

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    Default Toilet leak between tank and bowl

    I removed my Toto Toiltet tank to paint my bathroom. I put the tank back on today and noticed a leak (very very slight leak) between the bowl and tank. I replaced all the gaskets, the tank to bowl, the gasket below the flapper and also the tank bolts including the washers. I used a fluidmaster kit. The bowl is secured in place and does not move. Any suggestions on what i should do?


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    Default I'LL get heat on this ,but soo be it

    Had the same problem,and this was the only fix that worked. remove and reassemble coating everything with rector seal. Used toto hardware and do this for a living. FIRE AWAY

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    If you can determine whether it leaks all the time or whether it only leaks when you flush the toilet, you can really narrow this thing down.

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    I had finished working on the toilet and left it for 16 hr to find water between the tank and bowl the next morining. Like i said the leak is small so there was not water on the floor just between the tank and bowl. I did take it apart again and reinstalled, retighten all the parts which are new. Will let you know how it goes.

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    You can eliminate the gasket between the tank and bowl. The most likely culprits are the tank-to-bowl-bolts.

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    Default Gasket

    Toto has different gasket for differetn toilets ie: Drake toilets use a larger gasket than a Carusoe.
    I would not use a generic gasket like Fluidmaster because they may not cover the flush valve nut properly.
    If you need part numbers let me know.

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    Yes I need part number and pictures of the gaskets if possible. I don't know the model of my Toto but can post a picture of the gasket when i get home this evening


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    Here are the pictures of the tank to bowl gasket for the Toto. Any help in finding a part number would be appreciated. Also I have include a picture of the Toto toilet. All than written is the Toto 1.6 GPF. I can't find a model number written anywhere.

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    Those pictures are of the builder model CST703

    It uses a standard 2" flush valve.
    Pretty much any 2" flush valve will work with that.

    The most we ever do is maybe sand the inside of the tank where the bolts drop through and assemble.

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    Thanks everyone. I did replace the tank bolts and the tank has not leaked.


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