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Thread: Quality vs. Cheap Pumps & Tanks

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    Default Quality vs. Cheap Pumps & Tanks

    So far I've not found what the difference is between quality and cheap pumps and pressure tanks. One well tech mentioned cast iron vs. plastic for pumps but there must be more to it than that. I just had someone tell me that there are only a couple mfgs. and there putting out basically the same stuff. How do people feel about Flint & Walling pumps? Regarding tanks, are the bladders better quality in some than others? Any help is appreciated.


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    F&W pumps are good. I install Goulds pumps because of the quality and luck i have had with them. As far as tanks go i would suggest well x trol but there are others out there are just as good. Stay away from any pumps or tanks that you see at the big box stores,you will end up spending more money in the long run.


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    I agree with Sammy on the Big Box stuff. Goulds are good pumps as are many other brands. The problem is, most are owned by either ITT or Pentair who are beginning to mix and match a lot. They also like to build cheaper equipment from the old brand name stuff and sell it at big box stores and hardwares. They usually use another name. The inside parts are sometimes built cheaper and the motors are almost always sub-standard. They also like to build in a lot of Bic features. Such as in the Bic lighter. Use it for a few months then throw it away. The repair of such items is non-existant.

    The top tanks in my opinion are Well-X-Trol and Flexcon. All the others are way behind these two in quality.



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