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Thread: Distance between trap and shower drain

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    Default Can a P trap be located other than directly under the shower drain?

    Due to limited floor framing depth, the homeowner would like me to locate the P trap away from the shower drain so as to not require a soffit in the room below. Due to limited headroom above in the shower, the shower pan can not be raised to effectively increase the floor framing depth. The shower drain would connect to a 2" sweep 90 and then run with the required slope to the P-trap, about 5 ish feet, as I understand would be allowed with a wet arm drain to a vented stack. Yes, I understand that even with a wet arm, the P-trap is conventionally below the fixture. Even if this does not meet code, what problems are likely to arise?

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    A long arm to the p-trap means a likely smelly installation...festering hair, dead skin, soap scum, etc. sitting in the arm which would normally be blocked by the seal in the trap. Worse comes to worse, you can modify the joist structure to accommodate the trap where it should be.
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