Now I remember why my Daddy said "always read the directions before you begin". The installation instructions for this tub drain (Kohler K-11677) say to adjust the linkage until the plunger is 1/8" below the bottom of the tee. unfortunately, I have set the tub and connected the drain to the trap and therefor I can't see the plunger in the tee. I really prefer not to try to dissassemble the drain at this point. Is there a way to know when the linkage is adjusted correctly after the drain is connected. I would think so since one might have to replace those parts some time in the future.

Also, at the risk of starting up the "Great Debate"...the Oatey plumber's Putty container says not to use it on plastic. I assume that applies to acrylic. The 3M 100% silicone says on a scale of 1 to 10 the performance on plastic/fiberglass is 7 whereas other materials rate a 10.
So, what should I use to seal the strainer?