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Thread: water pressure on a cistern pump

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    Default water pressure on a cistern pump

    Here is my problem. When my pump cycles on I temporarily loose all pressure for a second or two. Not short cylcling. Last week the pump must have sucked up some sand or grit from the roof. because my cold water inlet on my washing machine clogged up and I had to clean the airators on most of the faucets.
    I dont have any filtration. I dont see a way to clean out the pressure tank.
    Any ideas?

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    Two things. First if you have a bladder tank, the air pressure may be set higher than the on setting of the pressure switch.

    Second, if you can see the dirt in the tank and the tank is higher than the ground, you can use a hose, get a syphon going and use it as a vacuum cleaner on the bottom to suck the debris out. It always works on my hot tub.



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