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Thread: Moen 87780SL leaking on cold side only

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    Default Moen 87780SL leaking on cold side only

    Hello all,

    I told a friend that I would post this question for her as I was already a member and could do it a lot easier for her. Any way she has a new MOEN Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with High-Arc Spout - Model #87780SL purchased from Lowes or HD, not sure which.

    When ever she turns on the cold water and turns it off it will drip. If she pushes the handle to the hot and turns it on and then off again, the drip stops. I am not familiar with this faucet, so I thought I would ask here to see if anyone has any suggestions.


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    She either needs a new cartridge, or the dripping water is draining out of the spout's "arc". Because of the aerator it could take a while for enough air to enter so that all the water in the outlet section could drain out. Turning it on and then off could create enough velocity, that the excess water is driven out.

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    So would it be possible to take the aerator out and see if this stopped the drip? Seems like if it was a drain out of the spouts arc, it would do it on both sides and not just the cold side.



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