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    I'm all done playing plumber for now. Let me know what you think.

    Pic 1. Replaced Galvy elbow with brass tee. Added a shutoff valve because their curb box leaks. Then added 30 ft. of 1/2" PVC and connected it to a 12 inch frost-free sillcock.

    Pic 2. Installed new laundry valve box. Replaced corroded 1/2" galvy pipe and twisted copper pipe with new 1/2" galvy all the way up using just a brass coupling to make the connection to the valve threads. Added a 2" - 1 1/2" reducing coupler to the galvy standpipe. The washing machine drain hooky thing will drain directly into the standpipe, so I'm not worried about it not being glued in with PVC. Tried to do things as simply as possible.

    Pic 3. The outdoor sillcock. The cause of all of this fun.
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